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Name:Mehmet Akar

Home City:Turkey

Music Style:Deep House, Progressive House


Favorite Venues:Cacao Beach [Bulgaria], Faces [Turkey]

Next Episode: Wednesday, Oct 1 2014 09:00AM EDT

2nd Resurrection - 3 September, 2014


2nd Resurrection - September 2014 - Mehmet Akar

Broadcast Date:September 3 2014


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Mehmet Akar

Home City:Turkey

Music Style:Deep House, Progressive House

Mehmet Akar is one of the most respected and internationally recognized DJs / Producers from Turkey. His music combines deep, melodic and smooth elements based on progressive flows and house vibes. Since 2010 He is working at No Smoking Recordings with DJ Tarkan & V-Sag as an A&R manager.

Also Mehmet Akar plays on a regular basis at Frisky Radio. He has a monthly show at this radio air called “2nd Resurrection”. His original productions and remixes have been charted, used in various compilations and multiple DJ sets. In short period of time he obtains such a great support from many famous DJs around the World like Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, DJ Tarkan, V-Sag, Solarstone, Jody Wisternoff, Miss Nine, Markus Schulz, Stan Kolev and among others. At the moment Mehmet Akar is travelling a lot, presenting his unique musical vision around the Globe and showing his musical passion infront of the audience. He a truly musical beliver and says music is an endless part of his life !

Track List

2nd Resurrection - January 2014 - Mehmet Akar

  1. Ryan Crosson, Tale Of Us - Big Sins (Original Mix)
  2. Mano Le Tough - Primative People (Tale Of Us Remix)
  3. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Ordinary (Lake People's Circle Motive Remix)
  4. Ten Walls - Gotham (Original Mix)
  5. Mehmet Akar - Does This Make Sense (Inkfish Remix)
  6. Guy J - Milestone (Original Mix)
  7. Gabriel Ananda - Rims And Prophet (Original Mix)
  8. Guy J - Lost and Found (Original Mix)
  9. Applescal & Ryan Davis - Creatures (Original Mix)
  10. Stefan Z - No Words (Original Mix)
  11. Shlomi Aber - New York Dreamer (Alix Alvarez Remix)
  12. Lillo - The Guitarist (Original Mix)