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Home City:Düsseldorf, Germany

Music Style:Progressive House

Favorite Venues:Nature One, Tor3,

Next Episode: Monday, Jul 28 2014 04:00PM EDT

Soundsphere - 26 May, 2014


Soundsphere - July 2014 - Placid

Broadcast Date:July 28 2014

Genre:Progressive House

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Home City:Düsseldorf, Germany

Music Style:Progressive House

Placid (Düsseldorf, Germany) started his DJ career in the 90’s, playing straight techno vinyl with mixed acid tunes. He played numerous clubs, one of the most institutional ones being his base club, “Tor 3”. He discovered new music media and launched his own radio show in 2000, which turned into a big success, being on air for more than 5 years. As a producer he published several records with the Labels “World of Sound” and “Giant and Dwarf” Over the years, Placid was looking for new inspiration to develop further to get ahead of the vivid evolution of electronic music. Having played in different European clubs he found his true inspiration in new and fresh progressive house sounds, which today characterize his sets. Being a professional sound engineer, Placid’s high technical standards are clearly evidenced in his performances. His style has turned into a light, cheerful, but truly progressive sound experience, taking his audience on a fresh, energetic and emotional pleasure trip. Put on your dancing shoes!

Track List

Soundsphere - May 2014 - Placid

  1. Eggo - Early Days
  2. Alien Alien - Soter (Red Axes Remix)
  3. Simian Mobile Disco - Snake Bile Wine
  4. Cid Inc - Darpa (Original Mix)
  5. Pete Bones - Don't You Want Me (Alejandro R Remix)
  6. Edu Imbernon - Dalt (Original Mix)
  7. Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down (Cubicolor Remix)
  8. Skinnerbox - Purgatory Five (Yamil Colucci & Santiago Garcia Remix)
  9. Arnim - Cloudbase (Van Bellen Remix)
  10. Eggo - Seaborn
  11. Mashk - Milchstrasse
  12. Mashk - Last Breath (Solee Remix)
  13. Pig&Dan - Purple Pods (Original Mix)
  14. Ewan Pearson, S.R. Krebs - She Like (Ewan Pearson Remix)
  15. Neorbeat - Rucknahme Der Seele (Original Mix)
  16. Amezquita - Sunstroke (Original Mix)
  17. Jamie Stevens - Complete (Jamie Stevens Remix)
  18. Erik Lake - Karamja
  19. Sacred Circle feat. Tomomi Ukumori - Precious Stone (Clair de Nuit Remix)
  20. Cid Inc - Seeker (Original Mix)
  21. Andreas Henneberg - Watch What (Fred Siera Remix)
  22. Depeche Mode - Heaven (Matthew Dear vs. Audion Vocal Mix)
  23. Murk, Oba Frank Lord's - Dark Beat (Addicted To Drums) (Danny Daze Fundamental Remix)
  24. Eggo - Prelude