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Home City:Kursk, Russia

Music Style:Dark Progressive, Progressive House


Favorite Venues:Pubs & night clubs

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Voyager - 4 September, 2014


Voyager - September 2014 - Deepsense

Broadcast Date:September 4 2014

Genre:House, Progressive House, Trance

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Home City:Kursk, Russia

Music Style:Dark Progressive, Progressive House

The “Deepsense” project consists of two DJ’s from Kursk City, Russia: Tabriz & Michael Zuckermann. Sparked by a mutual desire to share the most current and innovative tracks, Tabriz and Zuckerman united at the end of 2007. This dynamic pair brings decades of experience to the table: as promoters, they have organized events ranging from private dance parties to huge electronic music festivals; as DJ’s, they have performed at numerous events, always contributing their unique sound to the dancefloor.

Although the duo’s taste in electronic music can range from intelligent ,deep progressive house and atmo breaks to dark progressive, Deepsense’s music is always sophisticated and deeply emotional. For this reason, their acclaimed sets have been aptly described as “a unique story, an independent composition - in which one’s inside world and feelings are revealed.”

Track List

Voyager - September 2014 - Deepsense

  1. Orchard - Cenote (Deepfunk Remix)
  2. Steiss - Aura (Original)
  3. Steiss - Flux (Original)
  4. Mariano Mellino & Dasse - El Globo Rojo (Original)
  5. Michael & Levan & Stiven Riivic - Ace 0f Spades (Alex Villanueva Lonely Remix)
  6. Dave Shtorn - Lost Chords (Feri Remix)
  7. Robert R Hardy - After Sunset
  8. Kieran J - Keep Your Space (Original)
  9. Nico Parisi & Gai Barone - Perla (Original)
  10. Dave Shtorn - Lost Chords (Original)
  11. Cordoba - Surface (Audio Noir Zen Mix)
  12. Andy Weed - Womb ( Tee-Ex Pres Subconscious Tales Remix)
  13. Deep Fog - Stardust (Alex Vidal Remix)
  14. George Yammine - Colorize Part 2 (MNR Remix)
  15. Nico Parisi & Gai Barone - Perla (Rise & Fall Remix)
  16. Techtower - Discovery (Yuriy From Russia Remix)
  17. Rodrigo K & Diego Berrondo - Wake Up (Monojoke Remix)
  18. Phi Phi & Airwave - Vanilla (Gai Barone Remix)